Beach –

Beach – this word is synonym to word serenity for me.
First time I visited a beach when I was in 7th standard and Mumbai was the place. It didn’t fascinate me much at that time. I found it appealing on a second visit and the place was Chennai 5 years back. When I recall this visit I can say that my life was undergoing transformation at that time for good and bad both. I visited couple of beaches in Chennai and my love towards it started growing with each visit.
Then it was trip to Dive-agar , it was at it best. I was head over hills for the view it offered. Extremely calm, huge and promising, especially the view in night with pure moon light. With the growing interest and love for beaches I met someone who was already in the deep love with the same thing. After we took vow for the life time, we planned to visit a beach as our first trip(read honeymoon) to Asia’s one of the finest beaches, Andaman. There are zillion things that are to be remembered as a “first time” for this visit to a beach. I managed to get down in the water of my neck’s height, adventurous, ain’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Those were the cleanest possible beaches I visited so far and the beauty cannot be put in words, I am spell bound to do that.
Kihim was last one that I visited a year back almost and sunset was special there.
Next target for a visit is Maldives..! I am totally in love with the photos of the place that I have seen.
As we live in Pune there are many beaches near by to visit and we already have a long list ๐Ÿ™‚
Posting a serene sunset picture that I have from last beach visit.