Be it be for humans or be it be for a nonliving thing that is so dear to you, reunion is pleasure. How does it feel to regain a relationship that was broken on a really bad note and you had no hope of getting it repaired in the entire life time. Out of nowhere it starts getting over you again and you feel it right there,just like nothing has happened.
You keep wondering how and when you managed to get over that anguish feeling, that sad note which bothered you for quite long days of it happened. Should we say we are growing up? Do we call it getting matured? Does it mean we have started accepting and embracing life the way it comes? Or we never managed to get over that person or the thing and simply managed to live with that pretention? I am still contemplating over this. What ever I find as an answer to this question I have started accepting it for real that people/things that are meant to be part of your life will always end up being there no matter how many times you fall in and out of that relation. Things that are meant to fall in eventually will without you noticing it happen or even without asking your concern for it.  Thing that was a reason for your sulking feeling ends up being your support system, ain’t it sounding crazy? I know it does but then that is how it is.

Do we really have even a percent of control over who walks in and out of our lives? And out of what we get strength of accepting it all? walking in and walking out as well? What are those lines of understanding that make you forget the glitches? the blames made? that immense hate? or it all so superficial and deep inside your soul still craves for that person and so doesn’t even take a second to welcome that reunion with your arms wide open? Is it what is about the soul connections? Ma be it is…!

If this regaining is going to lead me peace of mind, I want them all back..! And yes I mean it, literary all of them. I promise acceptance without any hitch.


तेरा मुझसे है पहले का नाता कोई
यूँ ही नही दिल लुभाता कोई
जाने तू या जाने ना
माने तू या माने ना……….!