As the summer is approaching yours truly has started getting on the summer cloths collection. That reminded me of the good old days of the childhood. It was a protocol to buy a pair of frocks especially for summer. It is Marathi new year with which summer starts here. Dad used to take us both (me and little sis) in the local market to buy us those light  coloured frocks , a pair for each of us till we were grown to not to fit it in the frocks and then frocks were took over by tops and dress. Now when today I bug  husband for exclusive summer collection office wear it took me back down the memory lane.
I miss you dad , I miss the childhood. I miss those cute little summer special frocks , polka dots design especially.
Okay now I don’t want to weep as I am back down here , how can I waste time doing that until I get my demand approved from the boy and oh yeah I am still dad’s little girl no matter how much I have grown up. Dad you still owe me two summer dresses and and so you Mr husband…!