It was annuals night here in the office yesterday. Lovely performances made the evening. It was good to see that people still make out time for hobbies other than work of course ;).
And that particular dance performance (read lazy dance) reminded me of that besti  “S”.
In the flow of time and race of life I have  learn to leave without fellows who were that very important for me at a point of time. I have not imagined that we would be this far in the deadliest dream even. Destiny is something that has hold on thses things I believe. Not that I miss the person this often or even remember that often or distance hurts me but there are times where my mind travels this lane without my notice. Parting away is always difficult and for no reason is even more than that.
They say every bad situation/thing has something good in it. My mind is dwelling on this line and yes I find a good thing in the situation. Though we aren’t together – all contact less, we weren’t parted on the bad note or fight in between us. Don’t know about the other side but whenever I think of this person , I wish him all good, no yelling no blames. I am not scared to travel the memory lane for this person. What I have down this lane is all wonderful memories.
I miss the person on this note.

Ful khilate hai log milate hai..
Ful khilate hai log milate hai..
Patjhad me jo ful murjha jate hai,
Wo baharo ke aane se khilate nahi..
Ek roj kuch log jo bichad jate hai,
Wo hajaro ke aane se aate nahi…
Ek bar chale jate hai jo dino raat subah shaam,
Wo fir nahi aate.. Wo fir nahi aate….!