For yet another time I am neither sure of a title nor the context where I should start writing this post.
Time really flies by and I am more of a by stander, just watching the things pass by. Cannot get hold of any of the things happening. Only thing I can think of good for that matter is I am learning to letting the things go. Ahhh such a relief it is..! I have been pushing my self hard to inculcate this thing. Believe me it was no easy. No more pretention of the being not angry, I can manage to be normal in most of the most crazy and chaotic situations. Just listing down few bullets :
1) You are the only person in charge of your happiness, no one else,absolutely no one can control it.
2) Your reaction to a situation is more of problem than the actual situation.
3) Letting go the things heals more and quicker
4) If you cannot run – walk, if you cannot walk – crawl, moving is what that matters..!
5) keep dreaming, it does not cost any thing 😀
6) Keep learning,no matter how small the thing is. Joy of learning is un-parallel
7) If you start doing the things you don’t like or hate almost with little grace, you start liking it. – Personal Experience
8) Be the change you want.
9) Relationships are like trees, you have to nurture them when they are small,keep guarding and once they get the pace of growing, you never realize when they grew so large. (Yet to experience this 😉 )