Well boy this about you…! I don’t know what made me recall all this today just putting it down the way I feel and recall.

It all started with a get together of the 10th class where we met after almost 4 years. I don’t remember talking a single word to you in the two years of
School that we were in the same class. On the day of the get together it was just a sentence that we talked to exchange the contact numbers. You were busy doing all that you could do, right from decorating the hall to tasting the food and oh yes the important one teasing every single fellow around. I fall for this kid inside you and would like to see and experience it for the life time no matter even if we will have kids doing kiddish things in the time to come. Kid inside you is un-parallel 😉 :p

Then I met a boy (a grown up one with the kid keeping there where it was..!) when I came down to this city. You are one of those who made me stand here and face the world around. You are one of those two fellows (other one is cousin sis) who helped me learn to be open and to speak  out. I remember the way you used to count the number of sentences you talked and number of words I talked as a reply to your sentences and then it was always turn of a naughty smile in your eyes as a result of seeing me giggle. I wonder what made you feel that all. I have asked this very question to you a zillion times and what I get as answer is “I don’t know..!”  My dear if you are one who has felt it who else on the earth would know why it was the way it was??? So if you happen to read this post by any chance, do think of the answer as least now.
This boy was always there when ever I would need. Give a shout and you were there irrespective of the reason for what the shout was for. I remember me calling for the silliest thing as ” where should I collect my luggage?” when I was traveling Chennai Pune one stop Bangalore flight to very serious questions as if the job should be switched or not and what would be right organization to work with. My every single question was answered with utter sincerity and attention.
I didn’t realize until we talked about getting married that you keep in all the age groups at a single point of time. A kid and a boy and The Man. You sound so promising when this Man side of you is at front. Lucky I am to experience this all in a single fellow. Once decided it is engraved is the tag line that would suit your man side…!
I have seen and I am still witnessing you transforming from one to the other role. And I must say experience is marvellous, to pen down,to feel and to rejoice in the memory of.
Love till the eternal heights..!
Its me,
Yours truly..!