Would life have been any better if  decisions I took were never turned wrong?Would it have been any better if things and people actually are what they appear ?Would it have been any better if I would have expected less or may be you have expected nothing out of others? Would it have been any better if my up bringing was intentionally not the way that I dream of leading life of independent thinking?? Would it have been any better if l didn’t know what the discrimination is about? Would have been any better if I could have been less ambitious or no ambitious at all? What one should do of a ambitious that turns out to be a sulk at the end of the day ? Should one stop being so at all? How long should I close the eyes to the fact that a strongly cherished dream is almost to turn to be a fantasy? And the worst thing is there’s neither place to vent this sulk nor to help reduce it…! Sigh
Do you people ever feel that life is lost battle? What do you do get out of this feeling? Or what do you do at least ignore this felling? Help out people let me know how you do it..!