They say people count on every goal that is missed and not the goals that are hit. I am experiencing this saying to the fullest in the personal as well as professional life. I end up forgetting without any intension just like that as there are hundred and ten things on my mind at a given point of time. I accept that this is something I really need to work on, I just cannot let is happen over and over again. But then cannot I expect at least a one person around me to understand that what I did wasn’t intentional for one time at least supposing I am repeating single things say 10 times??
Should I even count on all these people as mine if they cannot take a single miss from me? Is getting married and wearing mangalsutra any kind of certification that once you have it, you are not supposed to commit any mistake? Not sure it is just my state of mind and not the fact as I am yet not comfortable with the new house and people around though it will be four moths of being so tomorrow. Or is it the fact that I should accept and stop expecting any one around to be considerate? Wouldn’t that mean even I am being unfair to my own self? No, I cannot do that, how can even I think of being non considerate alike everyone else. I assure myself to make peace with my own self.
I’ll sand by and guard my self till I get out of this down fall.