VIBGOR – This how I learned to remember them all,colors that constitute a RAINBOW…. Each one with its own identity and a significance attached to it.

This is my very first entry for the “Daily Prompt”. Trying to test if this can help me get push for regular blogging. To start of on a really simple note, listing down the things that I own/wish to own of these seven colors : Here I go

Red : Someone gifted me a rose of this color very recently 🙂 Well that is the only thing that I like in this color.

Orange : This is the color of my beloved i-pod. I love it to the core.

Yellow : A beautiful  sari.. Yes I have the one 🙂

Green : Green for greenery,especially around the see cost. Nothing can be more serene than this.

Blue : We wish to own a blue colored SUV some day soon.

Indigo : This the is the color that I use most when I make rangoli.

Violet : Nail paints 🙂