Re-Blogging it.. Wish you a Very Happy Father’s day dad..


The occasion being father’s day…!!!To me he is the person whom I respect,adore,look up to and love just like that.The post is daughter’s wishes to her father for father’s day….

Dear dad,

Wishing you a very happy father’s day.I know just a day in a year is not enough to be grateful to you and to express the sense of gratitude towards you,it will take my lifetime if I am to do it.Here is just a bit of it.

Dad,I have seen and I am seeing you changing from a dad,to a friend and then to a philosopher for me. The journey is being wonderful and I know it will continue to be the same or even more beautiful. I clearly remember the times from the childhood where you were in the pure dad role,how you wanted everything to be in place on time and so perfect.You poured the punctuality and perfection in…

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