Dreams versus memories? What if both mean a lot to you? Is not the choice difficult? or it is in a way that very straight forward and I am the only confused sole to make the choice????  What if memories are the golden moments of your life time and you cherish  them like any thing in the world? What if when your heart is quiet sure that it can happily spend the life time with memories? What if memories are not the mere strings to cut down but are engraved on your heart and mind? Well well well and on the other side are your own passionate dreams. Dreams that are not letting you sleep. And life is offering you a single thing to chose……………….!

I am a person of emotions, and I count on memories as life time possession. I have memories attached not only with living beings but even with the non-living things I own. It really gets on my nerves when it comes to replacing them with the other once or even the new once. Why is it this difficult? Or is it again I am only one on this boat? Good byes were never easy for me nor they are so even in the present. True that lingering on the things more than necessary hurts,but how do we get over this habit? What is that, that will help me keep myself from getting into things so much? Any mystic idea? If yes,Please help me with that…!

And now when I let my mind speak upon what my dreams mean to me, as expected it has zillion to things to say. They are key drivers for the journey of life, aren’t they? I enjoy the thrill of frantically chasing them till the become reality. They form strings for the web of golden memories to be woven as they become reality one day. Aww and now I realize there cannot be anything like Memories Versus Dreams … They kind of go one after the other… If it all it comes to choosing either of them, well then we surely need adroit acumen for dealing with our own inner selves…..

Waiting for you people to let it out here whatever that you have for memories on one and dreams on the other hand…..! 🙂