You cannot see it every where but only when you look at yourself in the mirror. You cannot hear it in the zillon sounds outside, but only in the your own inner voice. Its not about who all like you, its about how you like yourself. Its not about what world thinks you have as good, its about what you think is good about you. Its not about how in many eyes you see respect for yourself, its about how much you have it in your own eyes for you….! Does all that define what the self-esteem is? Well may be not completely, but yes they definitely form a part of it.

I have been realizing that to have a really good self-esteem is as important as finding a meaning for your life. World can totally crush you down like anything if you lack it. You are loved when you love yourself at the first place. You are looked up to when you look up to yourself first. Its definitely not about feeling or behaving as if you are self-contained or 100 % or perfect, its just about being kind to you own self and living with realization that you have things those can be counted as good.

Good self-esteem is no one step formula to success or answers you are seeking for, but it definitely can be your guard/companion when life puts you at stake.

To be esteemed and compassionate selves is what we need to be have a peaceful life…!
And that is all for now…. 🙂