I wonder how these people manage to be so incorrect? What we should say on it? Is it again gonna be no schooling/no jobs thingy for girls???? even the thought is giving me a hard kick. sigh……! I know to talk on politics/politicians is not my cup of tea but the for this one i couldn’t help but write.Thank god that  the person is MP and not the communication minister,I can’t even image of the day that it would have been today with this bullsh*t rule in place.Where are we heading with this? Do we need to remind them mobile phones these days are more of need than the matter of status?

TOI(Times Of India) had the news with the heading “girl gang raped” for odd three days in a row almost in a single week and they say girls are moving out of control. Well what it means to be “under control”? and are we girls the wild animals to be kept under control? Don’t we need to keep the wild guys with this devilish mentality under control? The other thing that was questioned was the maturity of girls.For this one we would love to know about the device that measures the maturity and the measuring units of the maturity those led him to these results , wouldn’t we? Adding to it Mr MP says their mothers/sisters didn’t die of not having mobile phones. Our ancestors survived without electricity and every basic amenity that we have today. Should we go back to stone age as we are not gonna die if these things are not there?And why the hell we are striving for the development in everything as we are not dyeing of good things which are gonna be there as after effects of these efforts?

Does this means of communication has really any thing to do with the gender that is using it? Isn’t it the matter of the attitude of the individual using it? Every coin has got two sides,so is the usage of cellphones,then out of what it is counted on girls for its down side. Dream of to be counted as a developed country is gonna be the night mere if our so-called leaders have this 18th century’s mind-set. India Incredible India……!