Following the comments on the –ย continuing with it : The Possessiveness.

I completely respect the personal space that every one has and demands.The boundary line that can distinguish between the circles of possessiveness and the care is a common tangent to these two circles. Mistake of a half inch and we end up intersecting the circles. And if we are to continue with this intersection overlooked, I bet within no time it’ll cut both the circles in two halves. Here is the time/place where your care is completely taken up by what it appears to be extravagant possessiveness.And it can literary spoil anything and everything. Well drawing the common tangent without intersecting either of the circles in the geometry classes was never this difficult as it in the life. How we wish to have the same expertise in the life as-well as we had in the geometry classes in the school.

The other thing to toss when its to possessiveness is we allow some people to be so for us while some others are fire-walled.Why? No answer….. The fact is there are no reasons for why we feel that connect with some people around and not the same with others in spite of we are getting the same thing out of these two different categories of the people. I understand this is something beyond logic but this is how it is.I admit I am no exception to it. Yes I am just weird like that. I cannot feel the same connect with all people who care the same for me. Perhaps this something we cannot change but we must make sure that we are not taking anyone for granted and there by avoid the intersections,isn’t it?

Just some simple things to be cautious about and then we can enjoy the feeling of being that special for others. This one of the bestest feels of life,I know you people will agree with me on it…! ๐Ÿ™‚