12th of Sept 2012, worlds most awaited baby was to let the world get first glimpses of it. Well we knew its nightmare for us to go SF to catch it live, we were happy with engadget’s live blog it self. Nokia Lumia 920/820 launch the first live blog I watched couple of weeks back and loved the concept of the live blog.(Mind you people who think girls are not geeks,we are indeed aware of these things..!)It can make you feel right there at the event.May be its the skill of the people/geeks that they make these things go over us. Well well well, getting where I want this post to be, the discussion that I had with the friend about the event,here I go : (Conversations starts with ping on IM before few hours of the event)

I : Hey 12th of sept it is..!

Friend : Yeah, so?

I : How can we forget about The i-Phone Five is to go live…

Friend : Ohhhh yeah, well completely off bit, but give it try to write something like, “I was alive when i-Phone five was launched”.

I : ???? Well can be given a thought, as you have an idea,why don’t you give it a go.?…

Friend : Awww how can I do that?, Its your love baby…. :p

I : You the best gal…! You spared it for me.. 😉

Friend : How Steve Jobs must be feeling in the heaven??Would he be looking at the event from the sky?And how about the gods requesting him to get them the i-Phone?

I :LOLzzzz… And how about opening the i-store right there in the heaven…

(We agree we are completely gone at times… :p 😉 )

Friend : Beat that… 😀

I : How we wish that could happen, and then  we could have got the chance to get one-on-one with god..

We were to go serious after this,so we cut it down and we were to dive in the live blog too.

Though kept the pause on conversation, I was not able to do it for my mind. How great it would have been to get words with the god.Well this topic deserves a seperate post and I dont want to make this post random any more.

And putting an end on the most random scribble ever.