Possessive – how often we get it for the things and the beings? If it’s for the beings, is it the matter of feeling good about or a +1 to bindings?

To me it’s a thing to feel good about. I happened to get into a discussion or the deep dive session you may call, on what being possessive meant to us. First thing to feel good about the discussion was it remained the discussion till the last moment and didn’t turn into the debate as it is what happens to discussions between us almost every time. And I could finally make my point and at least made the opponent to rethink about her perception about this thing.

We often make the views for things and look upon it with the same prejudiced vision every time we are to get across it. I find the possessive to be a sign of being involved with the person, there is the immense care under the carpet of what it appears to be possessive-ness. Of course if one is extravagant, then it’s not easy to take up. But here as well there is scope that we can get to the roots of what is making someone to feel possessive that badly and there by avoid the causes to the possible extent.

Sometimes the solutions are that simple but we can’t see them if we try to look for them with the same angle as that of the problem. Probably problem and solutions are the two side of coin and if we can flip the side of the coin, we are at the destination – the solution, aint it?

Well that is it for now, I am not able to line up the things here further. To be continued after a pause…..