She was as simple as a girl next door,but her aspirations were no common.She had striven hard and believed in striving hard to get what she wanted to have.She believed in running her own race.She had grown under the safest place,under her parents wings for long 20 years of her age and the day comes when she had to fly trusting her own wings,without support of those caring wings.She took it as challenge and dared to fly.She being that courageous.Every one around wondered about her fly,may be no one expected it from her.

She landed into a new world,pretending to be bold but scared inside.She was aware things can easily scare her,so being her intrinsic nature. She was just appreciated all the ways from every one around for the guts she showed and dared to fly.

Over the timeΒ  she got used with the new predicament.She got the confidence to face the world alone and to stand on her own.She was rejoicing the company of new “SHE”,she was developing in to.Β  There was feeling of accomplishment that was getting into her.There were just a few more things on her wish list.Life seemed all fair towards her for the world.

Out of no where something started making her feel uneasy and lost.Was that she had almost what she wanted making her feel lost?Was that the feeling of accomplishment that was making her feel empty.LOST she is….!!! she has this phase in her life for the very first time.Prior to this she made sure to line up things to go for every time she reached the milestone.She is unaware of this phase,she just do not know how to get out of it…..

Wish the turmoil to settle down soon for her….wish her life back to her….!!Amen…..!