Okay,so we are still in the office in front of the desk,browsing internet,reading some blog posts,commenting on some of the them and thought pops up, are we turning to be multitasking machines???..well I guess yes,we are …!!!

What made this thought to pop in is-right now I can see Four browser windows each with around four tabs open,one with the news paper,other with my own blog page,some others with the things I work on and I am continuously Alt+tabing( switching back and forth 😉 ) between them…So its no more a task at a time….

No,it’s not the only thing that is up, it has following things too  –

1)monitor the mails and answer them ASAP as to cope with the SLA’s (The IMP task).

2)Make and answer the phone calls(Official+personal)


4)Line up the tasks to take over the next day.

5) Switching the FM channels till the song that is worth listening turns up.

6) Complete the blog post.(Spare time activity)

7) Soon its gonna be the time to leave,so save the work that is to be taken up tomorrow.

8)Check for the new app and updates on the play store.

9)Answer/talk to people around.(The team mates).

10) Answer the pings on the IM clients.

Readers may think that I am busy doing everything else than the work,well it isn’t the case people,I am well up with my targets.And I am not the only one doing these things simultaneously.I can see same thing on the every next desk.I can see people switching so smoothly between the tasks as if they have got the multiple core processors inside.Time slicing is so perfectly done that there is no chance to miss the priority of the tasks in the pool.

Is it that we are turning to be what machines are in front of us are i.e. just turning mechanical?Or is it that we have learnt to take time for the things that we like doing out of the 100 odds?Confused I am….!!! 

 To be continued on some another less hectic day…