The continued part of it is not giving up,it is called growing up

So it is not giving up, it is growing up..!!! When we prefer to say you be what you are and I will be what I am rather than arguing/rigorously discussing to converge on an opinion on the point that is tossed,growing up it is..!!!aint it?

May be at times there simply can’t be one single right side for the situation. Righteousness varies with the role that we are in play at that point of time, righteousness being the subjective term.We learn/prefer to surrender than to win the points in the arguments because we value the relation/person more is how we grow up.We surrender doesn’t mean we have given up on our point,it means we respect the other person’s perspective too,we by the other side of coin too….I have realized it takes really long to grow up to the extent to of getting into the someone else’s shoe to understand his/her perspective.I cannt still do it to the level I want to,I am yet to grow up to that extent.Growing up is the kind o’ journey rather than the destination – a continuous process.

This office thing is turning to be catalyst in my process of growing up..The Boss is always right thing has made me learn to keep quiet and in turn accept what it is,which I couldn’t have at all accepted of course if I could have had the chance…. 😉 To be frank it is not that I value the perspectives or respect this relation/person but then it is the way it is… #fact,no matter I like it or I dont.The way things are overridden used to hurt me like anything,but now I can cope with it without hurting myself, again growing up it is I guess…

To give upon the things for the sake of goodness can be growing up, but at the same time we cannot accept loosing everywhere and claim that we are growing up.One must hold on where it so needed.Giving up is no way acceptable everywhere…

 I have enjoyed tangling around giving/growing up…. 🙂 So to conclude I would say

To grow up is –

to let go

to make peace

to accept

to see beyond right/wrong…………..