1.Early morning office timing.

2.Late night office timing.

3.People who somehow override my work.

4.People who boast about being busy all the times.

5.People who live with the fake identities.

6.Taking any thing and everything otherwise.


8.Putting wrong things in wrong shelf.


10.Those who don’t mean by words trust/faith.


12.Marking in the books with a pen and not a pencil.

13.Not having the s/w you want right away on the Laptop.

14.Disks with missing set-up files.

15.Expectations from those who hardly know me.

16.Phone playing rock music and silent music with the same sound intensities.

17.A friend not being there for you when you are badly in need of his/her company.

18.Fake relations.

19.Not getting a cup of coffee when I am damn sleepy and there’s a big fish to fry in front.

20.Parents insisting to make phone calls to people whom I am not willing to talk to. 

21.Undelivered messages.

22.Busy phone lines.

23.Being not able to keep in touch with the recent tech trends.

24.Being not able to think about the proper title for a blog post.

25.People who stare.



28.When I so want to talk and there’s no one in the world to hear on the other side.

29.The word “time pass”.


31.Patching the code.


33.People using loud,weird bike horns as if they don’t know bikes have brakes too.

34.Kids those are damn stubborn.

35.Kids who know/speak more than they are supposed to know/speak in that age.

36.Off profile work.

37.Mistake commited by mistake.

38.Racial discrimination.


40.People who just show off the things.

41.Those who can’t distinguish between secrecy and privacy.

42.Not being able to concentrate when that is so needed.

43.Things that are done just for the sake of formalities.

44.Learning spellings.

45.People who speak without sense of grammar,constructions,tenses.



48.stucking up with the things.

49.Harsh passing phases.

50.Any thing that is not realistic or something beyond logic.


Well 50 is too small number when it’s about ranting/complaining