If the beauty,the feel lies in the question,personally I feel there’s no point in digging to the roots of it and getting an answers.Some questions are better un-answered,rather I would say some questions are best un-asked and some words are bestest un-said.

I am a kind of girl who prefers to have the clear picture of everything on hand,but then now a days I am realising,it is good that somethings are not clear at times.Or may be even if they are clear,it’s better not to indulge in the more clarifying discussions on them.I never knew before that the beauty lies in the uncleared/unanswered questions as well.It is indeed more important that you rejoice the feel rather than snatching your head with the questions like – how long the thing will persist?will I ever get to feel the same thing again?will I get to live the same moment again?what this feeling/thing will lead me to?what does it actually means?and the list continued with infinitely many of the similar types.

Why do we need answers to them when we know we are feeling good for the situation and the things that are in place?Cannt we simply continue living with them?Is it necessary to count every single thing we do or think of in terms of right or wrong?Isnt it ok not be right sometimes?Openion peresonified -: It is absolutely ok to go wrong at times.It is ok not to be perfect all the times.Theres no point in suppressing the real you just for the fear that,if you be what you are and express the way you think/feel the things in front of others  will lead you to some situation that you even don’t want to imagine.When we know it well that,we even don’t want to imagin that situation,why do we even let that thought take a place in our mind?

Leave your questions at the blue bay,vent out the fears for a while.Be the REAL YOU and live the beautiful moment.Its the phenomenal feel.Things that are before us are meant to be so only.Theres no point sometimes in figuring out righteousness of them.If its meant to be wrong,it is going to continue to be so and you are in no way control of it.You cannt get the right answers for the wrong questions or if the thing being questioned about itself is wrong in a place.Sometines it takes a wrong to set the things right,so no worries about being wrong.

So stop the question/answer sessions at times.It is ok to be wrong,atleast for the change of being right all the times. 😉

I have enjoyed tangling with words a lot for this post.Ahh I have never felt this joy before.And will I get…???No questionssssssss…..Just the feel continued…………… 🙂