This is the one-liner lecturing on my mind from long.I dont know who is the author for this but the message goes straight a way to heart.

The show must go on for whatever happens.Even if one tries to cease the move for one’s self,life never stops nor does it takes any pauses.The go is damn continues irrespective of you want it to be so or not.And now when we have realised that it is ought to continue,why do it crying??Isnt it better to be optimistic and continue walk rather than keeping complaining and crying while on the go…? It’s indeed better.This post is turning to be a talk to self.Yes that is the only purpose of the today’s post or better called a random scribbeling.Putting down the those simple questions that are making me feel uneasy and answering them in simpler way helps me feel better….I dont know what kind of therapy it is,but it works best for me.This blogging world is my new place for draining out the sulk.And for what in the world i even feel the sulk??This is the question for which I am still in search of the answer….

May be that is all what I had to scribble for now…..The walk continued with the hope that it will rain tomorrow…..

to be continued……