I don’t know where do I should start to continue them counting,who comes the first and who will be there last on the list.Although it is true that there are always some who are really specially and like wise categorized but numbering is simply what that cant be done…..Some times near,sometimes apart -they are always there…….

I never had or have a huge friend circle,the reason being I am introvert and a bit shy kind,but those people whom i tag under friendship tag are just amazing.They add value to my life,they are the UN-devisible part.They all keep a very very special concern to me.They are the ones who are teaching me to be bold to face the world.I can dare to walk in their company where I am scared of going for a single step ahead when alone.They all are my prized possession.I am spell bound to put down what it feels to have them in life.They are the ones who introduce me with my-self every time when I somehow lose the connect to my inner core.They are breaths to me when I am all gone.

Just a word from me or a glance at me is enough for them to know that I am not ok,I just wonder how come all of them have this skill.They literary pamper me like a baby many a times.I respect and adore them for the way they are.

This is dedicated to all of them–

“The day when YOU came to my life,I admired YOU as my friend,

not for your nature or tone ,but because

I feel YOU as my OWN“….

‘Yaaro dosti badi hi haseen hai

yena ho to kya fir bolo ye jindagi hai…”

Miss you all my darling pals  – you are the best thing I have ever had…..