I am fed up of the things around.Everything that I am looking towards with hope is turning me down.This is to my life-please show me the fair side now,deal a fair deal now…This is “THE END” of my patience..I am all gone.

Life is all scattered into the pieces.I want to recollect my self,get myself together and continue the walk of life and the fact is I am not able to go for the single step ahead.I am so scared of doing anything and everything.I am scared of interacting with myself.I guess I am in need of”The Me Time”,I mean the introspection time…I want to be the “ME”….

“Itani shaki hame den na data,

man ka wishwas kamjor hona,

hum chale nek rastese humse

bhul kar bhi koi bhul hona….” Amen