Things just happen like that.Sometimes there is absolutely no logical reason for certain things that happened in that particular way.May be it the same case with both sides of coin-good as well as bad.And matter of the fact is we don’t think of such things when it’s all good around.

I had very aggressive discussion around the same topic with some of my friends last night.I was the one to beat the point – “it’s just bad that is surrounding us”.It is ok to feel or comment so for time being,but its next to impossible to survive if one is to live with this conception life long.I am spell bound to express the level of negativity I saw.To be honest at this point of time even I am not able to completely take it up with what title says,but it is even true that for some facts,it hardly matters whether you agree with them or not.

It’s still the gloominess that is surrounding me,and so I was not here for long.I wanted to come up with something positive to pen down for this time,and I have.At-least I felt like beating the negative points and make some positive ones.The other positive thing that happened is,finally procrastination-that is what I was doing for past couple of months for every thing on the way,is taking a pause now.This pause was really really awaited.And even more desperately awaited is the pause rather the full stop for this gloominess.Hope is what all I have.I guess it will not be exaggerating if I say I am mastering the art of hoping……

Signing off with the promise to my gloomy soul to come up with something more positive next time I come here……….