Mastering our own mind is no way easy task.You tell it to ignore a thought or a thing for billion times and on the very next moment you finish telling ,you’ll find your mind dwelling on the same thing. I am not sure if it’s the same case with every one,but it happens with me.More I try to hold it,with the double force it bounces back.

You tell yourself to accept a thing,you convince your mind all the ways,and it very well agrees to do it for that moment and out of nowhere it goes back to step zero – refusing to accept any thing,leaving all your efforts inven.I wonder from where it gets that backward push and how come it’s that powerful???….

Ahhh I never knew before that it is that difficult.But well though it is difficult it isn’t impossible right??and so I want to hit it,so I want to learn the art of mastering mind…..