1st Jan 2012…May be for the first time awaited 1st Jan of my life.Last year has been significant in many aspects for my life.It was nothing less than a roller coaster ride.I am sure things I learned in the last year are gonna help me throughout life time.

To list down,following are the things I would like to take a note of while proceeding for the new dawn….

1. Whatever happens or comes before you,is really meant to be so.

2. Only hard times lets us know people those who really mean to our lives and really count.

3. Destiny exists.

4. Life simply goes on.

5. Change – the only constant thing.

6. Time has capacity to heal almost everything – let the time have time.

7. When god asks you to put down something,it is to replace what you had with something better. 

8. Keep hoping…”Ummid pe duniya kayam  hai “…… 

Looking forward for the great year ahead…….