Its the heavenly feeling to know that you have people around who trust you the same and simply don’t change even a percent of it over the ages.I feel so blessed to have at least few such people around me.These are the ones who believe in me even in the phase where some-where down the line I have ceased believing myself.

Time is making me learn that may be the percentage of good may vary over percentage of bad that we have around,but still there are good things,good people around and they persist……I am learning all these facts at the cost of time.May be this was only way for me to make my self accept these things,as even after telling in thousand different ways and for n number times I was not able to take it up….And when I am saying I was not able to take it up—-simply means I am now able to do it… ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy for own self……

“Every situation that doesn’t kill you,makes you strong”-one liner I have been through and find it to be 100 % true.I should be thankful to all these situations and all those people for being the reason for molding me in to the stronger version of myself……

Getting back to theย  optimistic me…..

“Yeh hosala kaise jhuke

yeh aarzu kaise ruke,

manjhil mushkil to kya,

dhundala sahil to kya,

tanaha ye dil to kya………”