Patience-that is what all I need to make it through this state of mind.I should let the time have time to bring the life to its original pace.

I cannot figure out if it’s really true to say “We are the creators of our own destiny” and to what extent really the destiny responsible for the things happening around.I was the one with strong belief that no thing such as destiny even exits in the world,what all that happens is the result of our own deeds.But when situations run out of your hands with the blink of eye and that too for no or some beyond logic reasons what do you call it??DESTINY???I have no answer……Should we surrender to situation in such a case or still keep hoping to get something positive out of it as well???I am clueless….. 

Irrespective of all the mess around,I believe if it’s the darkness that is surrounding you from all the sides,somewhere very near light is awaiting for you,and so I don’t want to give it up.I am praying for some more patience to make it to that light…….I want to be the same me,the one I used to be – dazzled with the passion,ambitions and confidence all the time…..

The new rise,the brighter side,the sun shine is desperately awaited……Fingures crossed…Hoping for the BEST…..