I find it to be the most difficult struggle type – the inner struggle. I feel like its way easy to fight with the whole world compared to fighting(struggling) with your own self. I am in short of words for expressing what exactly I am feeling for now.Simply cannot figure out are the things really that difficult or I am making them so………. I guess its time for me to take lion steps,i.e. move back a step to go for the long one.

I am struggling on the way back to be my own self.Feels like lost……..Life is so filled with uncertainties and there by cannot see the path to lead to make a new start.I wish life could have had at least reverse n resume buttons.I am stuck,I am paused……I am all surrounded with a hell lot big ‘Whys’ and not a single is answerable and the worst part is I am not even able to stop questioning.I want all it to end,I want a full stop for this.

Wish me patience and strength…I hope rather I wish I would be able to count this period in those difficult ones which I have made through and feel proud about as they all made me prove myself again and I did………..